Jacktie - Securing Scaffolding
Jacktie is an innovative tool, providing a method of securing to cladded steelwork, hollow section steel structures or RSJs where access is only available from one side. Ideally suited to the scaffolding industry, Jacktie can easily be used with ring bolts to tie the scaffolding to the building.

Jacktie is patent applied for, no. 0703986.
"Denholm utilise Jacktie for repair and maintenance…"
Denholm Industrial
"Jacktie No. 1 Solution for difficult to access areas…"
Sadler Scaffolding
"Demand for clean cladding finish led to the Jacktie…"
Hertel UK Ltd.
Simple to use
The Jacktie is extremely easy to use, just 6 simple steps to installing…
The Jacktie has been manufactured to strict specifications…
Proven track record
Donďż˝t just take our word for it, see what others think of the Jacktie…